Friday pizza and movie

It has become an unbreakable tradition. Friday nights is pizza and movie night, and under no circumstance may it be missed! 

English in the garden

Judit on a near daily basis gives english classes now. This group comes twice a week and they are currently practicing to present a play to their parents before the summer holidays start. 

Zaylie, Lyra and their friend Luna just came home and are helping out. 

Aunty Maria-Angeles comes to visit

This weekend we had a special guest. As the trip out to the countryside is difficult for her legs, it’s a very special treat that she comes and visits. We had lunch in the garden, even though it rained a little. Lyra Prepared a special magic show which kept us all very entertained!

Green thumb training

The kids from the 2nd year had to learn all about plants.. On Sunday night Lyra tells me that on Monday morning she needs to take a plant to school… something that comes from the vegetable garden…. so I dig out an avocado sprout from the compost…  much better than a purchased plant from the local supermarket!!